Travel Makeup

18/04/2017 Main

Whilst travelling it can be hard to decide how much make up to bring with you and what type. Even the biggest minimalist can find that a few bits of make up can really change how you look and feel. However, it is a great idea to minimize your make up bag and cut down on the products and types of products you bring with you. Read more

Clarisonic- Mia or Pro

13/04/2017 Main

Hey everyone, William here and welcome back to my beauty and personal care blog, MensResource. If any of you have read the recent GQ magazine, you may have noticed a huge 2 page advertisement for the high tech face cleaning tool that has been sweeping the market as of late; the Clarisonic. I thought that this was something meant for women, but if GQ is talking about it then I had to try it. I normally pay my pores no attention, so I decided to take a look on and see what kind of results I could get. I found that there are a couple different types of Clarisonic brushes now so I bought a used copy of the Mia 2 and the Pro to compare differences. Let's take a look. Read more

Barely there.

23/02/2017 Main
Barely there.

One of the biggest trends seen on the catwalks at the Autumn / Winter 2017 New York and London fashion shows was ‘Baring it all’.  This translated across both fashion and beauty.  For fashion it resulted in sheer tops, and braless models.  And for beauty it was seen in the naked faces on models.  Fresh, flawless make up looks great on everyone. However, unfortunately for us natural make up can be one of the hardest make-up trends.  Apply to little and you still look half asleep and covered in spots.  Too much and you’ll look overdone and plasticky. Read more

February pick me up beauty days.

13/02/2017 Main

Hey there beautiful people.  How are we all doing on this fine February day?  Sorry I haven’t uploaded anything on my beauty and personal care blog.  I’ve had a fairly busy wintery period and feel like it’s the first time I’ve been able to pop my head up and catch some air.   Read more


17/11/2016 Main

So I thought I’d write about something new that I tried recently.  Long-time readers of this blog will know that I am into trying all sorts of health routines and am constantly looking for new things that help ease stress and generally improve quality of life. I’m very careful though and don’t just jump onto new bandwagons or the latest holistic care. There has to be some scientific basis for the remedies that I try. This is generally a mumbo-jumbo free zone. Read more

Sensationail Gel Nails

15/11/2016 Main
Sensationail Gel Nails

I have a confession to make.  I am 26 years old and I still bite my nails.   Read more

Baby bath towel

08/11/2016 Main

Baby bath towel Read more

Giving Up Alcohol

04/11/2016 Main

Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

07/10/2016 Main
Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

I’m a gal with pretty sensitive skin and I do get the occasional outbreak of spots, especially when I’m going through my pig-out periods and when I succumb to smoking and drinking. Basically, my question is to other girls out there, and lads for that matter, what exfoliators do you use to keep your face looking clean and smooth? As I mentioned, I have sensitive skin so any good suggestions on gentle but effective exfoliators would be good. Read more

Hobby Stress Relief

15/05/2016 Main

Hobbies are great way of filling your spare time with something you find of interest. And of course, the great thing is that you get to choose what that thing is. They are an excellent source of enjoyment and satisfaction. Even if you don’t have a “thing,” there are a vast number of activities out there from which to draw some inspiration and come up with a pass time that suits your personal interests and needs, one that will provide you with the opportunity to express your creativity and individualism. It may be an indoor or outdoor pursuit. Equally in could be a solo venture or something you do with others in a group. None of this matters as long as it fills the gaps in your life created by free time and gives you the enjoyment you deserve. Read more