So I thought I’d write about something new that I tried recently.  Long-time readers of this blog will know that I am into trying all sorts of health routines and am constantly looking for new things that help ease stress and generally improve quality of life. I’m very careful though and don’t just jump onto new bandwagons or the latest holistic care. There has to be some scientific basis for the remedies that I try. This is generally a mumbo-jumbo free zone.


Acupuncture is a strange one though. It has been around for thousands of years and many Chinese people swear by it, even though the scientific evidence of its efficacy is patchy to say the least. Recently though I went to a Chinese medicine shop to get a massage because my shoulders were particularly stiff and I was a bit stressed from work. The man in the shop persuaded me that what I needed was acupuncture instead of a massage though and I thought why not? I might as well give it a go.



I was a bit nervous of the needles at first but soon realised they didn’t hurt and drifted off into a very relaxed state. You are left for a while with the needles in your body after a little bit of manipulation of them and it did seem to induce a very relaxed state for me. After the process was complete I was in a very blissful state and that lasted for a while. Now I realise this is a case study of one, but it certainly seemed to work for me.


I wouldn’t advocate using it for more serious conditions unless as a supplement to more contemporary treatments but it certainly does no harm and is worth giving it a try if you are an adventurous type.