Baby bath towel


So begins the wonder of bathing your beautiful little one and then wrapping them up in a beautiful warm fluffy baby bath towel.


The first few times you bath your baby might not be so pleasurable, in fact it’s a rather nerve wracking experience as they become slippery little suckers and they often cry like you’ve put them in boiling water, and become hard to hang on to. It is really important to know that it does get easier. Just be confident and relaxed and you will give your baby confidence to enjoy the bath too.


Firstly you will need to make sure the house is an ambient temperature, then as you fill the bath with warm water, prepare an area to undress them, make sure your sponge and baby wash is in easy reach and your baby bath towel is laid out ready.


Get your baby undressed and hold your baby with one arm under your baby’s shoulders with his head on your wrist and holding his opposite arm and your other hand under his bottom, gentle lower him into the bath. It is a good idea to wash his face first before you add any baby wash. Then paying attention to his neck, back of his head, armpits and groin area, gentle rub your baby with either the sponge or your hands. Keep it short if they aren’t enjoying it, but remember to take a moment to let them relax and keep talking to them. If you make it enjoyable, they will learn to love the water. Make sure you have a good hold on them when you take them from the water and lay them on the bath towel. The ones with the hoods are wonderful as it will keep their head warm.


Hold your little one close, give him a good feed and lots of cuddles, it will probably become one of your favourite routines together. 

Baby bath towel