Hey everyone, William here and welcome back to my beauty and personal care blog, MensResource. If any of you have read the recent GQ magazine, you may have noticed a huge 2 page advertisement for the high tech face cleaning tool that has been sweeping the market as of late; the Clarisonic. I thought that this was something meant for women, but if GQ is talking about it then I had to try it. I normally pay my pores no attention, so I decided to take a look on http://www.used.forsale/ and see what kind of results I could get. I found that there are a couple different types of Clarisonic brushes now so I bought a used copy of the Mia 2 and the Pro to compare differences. Let's take a look.


 Using a Clarisonic


Clarisonic Mia

The Mia is advertises as the Clarisonic for women, so I thought that should be the first one I try out. It is advertised as having soft brushes and a soft vibration for fragile skin, but after using it for a little while I think it might be too soft for me. I found a Clarisonic Mia for sale at http://www.used.forsale/clarisonic-mia and used it every day for a week just like the instructions suggest.  However at the end of the week I couldn’t really tell any difference between how my skin felt now versus the start of the week. I didn’t find it helped exfoliate very much, but it was a nice stress reducing activity.


Clarisonic Mia 2


Clarisonic Pro

Once I drove home from purchasing my used Clarisonic Pro and turned it on just to see what it could do, I knew this would be my new exfoliating device. The Pro has four different speed settings in comparison to the Mias 1, and also includes an additional Body Mode; for use on hard skin everywhere on your body. This was a great pick up, and I saved enough money from buying it online at http://www.used.forsale/clarisonic-pro that I was able to buy some extra heads and a nice case to keep it in for travelling. I don’t think I will ever find something that works on my feet and knees better than the Clarisonic Pro, and I have already tried a lot of different remedies.

 Clarisonic Pro


Bonus - ALPHA Fit

I wasn’t planning on talking about this when I first started researching this article, but when I bought the used Mia the seller threw in an ALPHA Fit brush for free. This is the “men’s” brush, but I personally didn’t notice any difference versus the Pro in terms of how well it cleans and exfoliates your face. I didn’t use it that much because of this, however if you think you might be interested then check out this review of the ALPHA Fit.


My favourite

If I had to choose a Clarisonic Brush (which is exactly what I am supposed to be doing) then I would 100% choose the Clarisonic Pro. The brush is the most powerful of the three I tried and also feature the longest warranty. The unfortunate part is that currently this is only sold to physicians, so you would have to buy one used if you want to try it for yourself. A used Clarisonic Pro should last a long time so it is a gamble worth taking. Enjoy your evening everyone, and I will speak to you again soon.