Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

I’m a gal with pretty sensitive skin and I do get the occasional outbreak of spots, especially when I’m going through my pig-out periods and when I succumb to smoking and drinking. Basically, my question is to other girls out there, and lads for that matter, what exfoliators do you use to keep your face looking clean and smooth? As I mentioned, I have sensitive skin so any good suggestions on gentle but effective exfoliators would be good.

I’ve been checking out a few online to see what I can find. The one that seems to tick the most boxes for me is probably going to be the new gentle exfoliating toner from Clarins, who are a pretty popular choice and do great products from my experience. Apparently it is ideal for sensitive skin and it has a really nice scent, which is pretty important to me too. It costs around 30 bucks so that’s not too bad. The other one I was looking at and thought would be quite cool, is one from Dermalogica. This is a little different to what I’ve used before. It’s like a powder that you rub in your hands with water and it then turns into an exfoliator. Sounds pretty cool hey? Maybe that’s why it’s about double the price of the Clarins product. I’m still looking through some of the other ones available but it would be great in the meantime if I could hear from my readers. How much do you spend, have you tried any of these brands I’ve mentioned?

Dermalogica Exfoliator