Giving Up Alcohol 

Welcome back folks.  For today’s personal care installment I’d like to talk a bit about health and well being, particularly related to alcohol and the associated lifestyle and what it does to the body, in a similar way to what giving up smoking does.  

If you didn’t know much about health you would still be able to make a fairly sensible guess that smoking and drinking are generally not good for you, and naturally you would be right.  Yet many people are actually unaware of the sheer scale of effects both have on the body and the individual’s health in general, especially over long periods of time – even more so when it’s done in excess.

Giving Up Alcohol 

I thought I’d write a little about this today, as it’s something I’ve started, or least I think I’ve started to do.  To give you a bit of context, I came down with an awful virus of some sort five days ago (I’m only just starting to get back to normal), which basically left me lifeless, highly sensitive to cold and hot surfaces, and with a constant feeling of nausea.  I’ve been on and off the toilet every ten or fifteen minutes, I haven’t been able to really eat, and haven’t managed to keep any water down.  So basically I’ve been a bit of a mess, and now that I’m on the mend I’m desperate to get rehydrated as quickly as possible.  There are many possible causes for this bout of sickness, put the most realistic is that I had become so dangerously dehydrated for such a long period of time that my body simply shut down and had some time out.  Bodies do tend to do that: they’ll let you know a few times but if you don’t listen they’ll step in and go ahead and do what they need to do regardless.  I think this is what happened in my case, and as I sit here now feeling a lot stronger and a bit more hydrated, I’m craving lots of water, fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy food.  Not alcohol.  See, this has all given me something to think about.

The Wrong Line of Work 

For a very long time leading up to the onset of this shutdown I’d been living a lifestyle that wasn’t all that healthy if I’m honest.  I’ve been working in hospitality management for around six years now and while it’s an enjoyable profession it’s one that by its own nature creates and holds you somewhat in a lifestyle that lends itself to food, alcohol, parties, late nights and general tiredness.  As fun as that sounds (which of course it is) it’s not good for your health or well-being in the slightest when it becomes an almost (often) nightly thing – especially in your late thirties/early forties when you’ve already done all this kind of madness in your twenties and should have got it all out of your system by now.  The problem is, it’s kind of part of the job.  As a host, you have to make these kind of events happen in order to stay in business, and as this line of business means making many friends and acquaintances, this also means that you can pretty much guarantee that someone will have a birthday or an engagement party or a leaving party or a wedding or something going on that you’ll need to service and be present for, not just around certain days or weeks, but around the calendar.  It just doesn’t stop.

Good Health 

And so, this over time starts to affect your health and well-being in a very negative way.  I’ve never really suffered with hangovers, nor have I been a heavy drinker as such, just a daily beer drinker.  But over the last two years it’s left me feeling incredibly lethargic throughout the day, permanently dehydrated (whether I’ve known or not), short of breath, struggling to think sharp as I was when I was a lot fitter and healthier, and generally feeling annoyed and unhappy with myself. 

Along the way of course I’ve met many great friends, people I’ll always consider family, and I’ve also lost a couple of friends who have gone off the rails living these kinds of lifestyles, as well as friends who have tried to break free themselves by reaching out to world-renowned support groups and resources like

Looking to the Future


As it happens I got out of that particular aspect of the hospitality business a little over a month ago in order to move sideways a little into something a bit calmer, and since coming down with this fever last week it’d got me thinking about seriously giving up alcohol.  Although I’ve been depressingly sick for the last five days, my intake of absolute minimal food and water has left me feeling whole and rebuilt in a strange kind of way and for me it’s kind of a sign to start over, start exercising again, gobble up lots of fresh veg and fresh fish and plenty of green tea and electrolytes.  Well thanks for dropping by folks, until next time..