Hobbies are great way of filling your spare time with something you find of interest. And of course, the great thing is that you get to choose what that thing is. They are an excellent source of enjoyment and satisfaction. Even if you don’t have a “thing,” there are a vast number of activities out there from which to draw some inspiration and come up with a pass time that suits your personal interests and needs, one that will provide you with the opportunity to express your creativity and individualism. It may be an indoor or outdoor pursuit. Equally in could be a solo venture or something you do with others in a group. None of this matters as long as it fills the gaps in your life created by free time and gives you the enjoyment you deserve.

In this blog post  I am going to talk about the reasons why we should all have a hobby of some kind in our lives, to continually give us the excitement and inspiration we crave as human beings.

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Meaning and Purpose

Hobbies give us a sense of purpose. They ensure we have something in our lives to focus on and look forward to other than just everyday life. A holidays, family events and a night on the town obviously go some way to providing this excitement, but they are intermittent, leaving much spare time unaccounted for. This is where a hobby can fill the gaps. May be you are lucky enough to have made your hobby your job! However, if not, a hobby enables you to consciously and actively be involved in something positive and with purpose in your life.  They allow you to set yourself goals to be achieved in your spare time. They give direction and meaning as opposed to merely drifting through life, as many people unfortunately do.

A Great Stress Reliever  

Life in general can be a great source of stress on even the strongest individual. There are demands on us as people that it can often become overwhelming. Pastimes help to alleviate this stress by diverting a focus onto something we enjoy and giving our lives more balance. This is good for both our physical and mental well-being. If your working day is spent mostly in front of a computer screen, then a social activity may be the perfect hobby for you. Or if your day job involves a lot of noise, stress and interaction with customers and colleagues, maybe a hobby that affords you some “me” time and solidarity might be the answer. Whatever it is that you are looking for in a hobby, you certainly shouldn’t let it become a source of further stress. That would be totally defeating the object.

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Live for the Moment

This is easier said than don. Very often we are thinking about other things in our lives rather than enjoying what is directly in front of you at any given time. A hobby that draws and holds your attention allows you to counter this subconscious flaw in our thinking and enjoy something for what it is at any given time without a thought for anything else unrelated. It is a great way to give our over-taxed brains a break from the general day-to-day worry of life. Immerse yourself in your hobby to gain the full benefits of your chosen activity.

Flow Experience

This when an individual experiences a period of time when they are so completely immersed in an activity that they experience a tunnel vision of enjoyment effect and anything unrelated is forgotten. I’m sure many of you have experienced this yourselves. Have you ever been enjoying yourself so much that 3 hours has passed in what felt like 5 minutes? Or you have forgotten to eat because of how focussed you have been on a certain activity. It is this kind of wonderful experience that we strive to find in a hobby.

Stay Active

Filling your spare time with a hobby ensures you are remaining engaged and active in your life. I would not recommend passive activities like watching TV as a suitable hobby. Such pass-times promote inactivity and are not generally very good for our physical or mental stimulation that we all need to stay healthy. If you need any specific equipment for your hobby, I would recommend looking at used second hand kit when starting out. You can find great bargains at this website: http://www.for-sale.co.uk/

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Get Social

A hobby that involves other people is an excellent way to get to know other people and make new friends. Group activities can be an excellent way to learn a new activity if it requires some level of tuition, as other more experienced group members will be able to instruct you. Many friendships are born from shared experiences and a group hobby is an excellent way to discover such experiences with others. You can find inspiration for a hobby by looking at and joining one of the multitude of hobby/related Facebook groups that now exist.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find your “thing” and immerse yourself in it! The resulting sense of achievement is phenomenal!

Until next time!