Hey, Tony here again! Thanks so much for continuing to use my blog for information and inspiration on all things health and fitness related. It has been really great to receive so much positive feedback and I have also learnt lots of new ideas too!

So for today’s entry I wanted to talk to you about whole grain foods. I think this is something that can be a little confusing and overwhelming for people when trying to buy the right foods as packaging can be so elusive. So here is my break down… you are looking for products that either say 100% whole wheat, whole grain or wholemeal. All of these mean that the product contains 100% of the grain which therefore means it contains 100% of the nutrients and protein. Whilst on the other hand, white grain products have been refined and therefore do not contain any of the nutrients and protein. Brown flour is another alternative which many people think is the same as wholegrain. Although on the one hand it does contain more nutrients than white grain products it still contains much less than wholemeal.

For ease of writing let’s call them wholegrain (because they use the whole of the grain, dur!). So now you know exactly what they are called you can easily start buying whole grain bread, pasta, rice (this will also be labelled as wild rice as it has not been refined) noodles, flour, pittas, wraps… the list goes on. So why don’t people commonly do this? Well to be honest I really don’t know! For me, personally, the taste is a lot more flavoursome and the texture is nutty where as in comparison white food products taste artificial and unhealthy. If the one thing we could do is start eating more whole grain foods then there would be a great reduction in health related illnesses. I think the key is, to introduce children to whole grain foods from the very beginning so that they don’t automatically see white products as the better option!