Sensationail Gel Nails


I have a confession to make.  I am 26 years old and I still bite my nails.  


I know, I know I write for a beauty blog and I’m still committing one of the biggest beauty sins there is.  After giving up alcohol, you’d think that giving up biting my nails would be easier.  I’ve tried everything, wearing nail varnish so it looks too pretty for me to want to bite, having a charity nail biting jar (similar to a swear jar but believe me it racks up the pounds quicker) and I even tried using stop the bite Nail Polish which tastes absolutely disgusting but did nothing to deter me.  I thought that was it, I’m destined to always have short stubby fingernails until about 3 months ago when I went to the salon and got my nails done with gel polish.  It worked.  I stopped biting, it was incredible, they looked amazing, albeit slightly short but I could no longer bite them.  Unfortunately getting your nails done at the salon is rather expensive, and although the results last a month or so I couldn’t afford to keep up with it.  Lo and behold as soon as the gel on my nails came off I was back to biting them.  Then a friend told me about Sensationail.


It’s an at home gel polish kit, and although it is a bit expensive, and only really to begin with, if you buy it second hand you can get some great bargains.  I found mine here: after using it for a month, I have to say I don’t really know how I’ve lived without it.   It uses LED instead of UV rays which is great as you don’t have to worry about skin damage, plus it’s pretty awesome when you’re at a club which uses blacklights and your nails shine.



 TOO Simple

It’s so unbelievably simple.  Depending on which one you buy the kit comes with the LED lamp and cable, a Gel base and top coat, Gel primer, Gel cleanser, Lint cloths and 1 colour.  Each polish costs $9-$11, (the U.S. sites have more available).  You can also buy the Sally Hansen Gel polishes which there are more of and work just as well.


There’s some great tips available on the Sensationail website, but here are my top tips and tricks for using Sensationail

 Nail kit

How to

-       Only buff your nails a little before applying.  You want the primer to stick to the nail but you don’t want to ruin your nails in the process.

-       Apply the primer solution lightly around the edge of the nail.  If you apply it to the whole nail, or use the primer to thickly, the gel will be too hard to get off.

-       Apply thin layers of nail polish, and make sure you set the gel quickly in between each coat.  The gel move around on the nail and can move away from the edges of your nails.

-       Apply the nail polish right up to the top and bottom of your nails, and seal the top by going slightly over. Do this for the Gel base polish, the Gel coloured polish and the Gel top polish.

-       If you get any polish on your skin use a polish corrector pen before putting your hands under the lamp.  Once the gel is set onto your skin it is a nightmare to get off and sometimes means taking the polish off and starting again.  Not fun at all.

-       No picking at your nails.  The gel will lift, don’t pull it off.  It seems like fun, heck I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t done it but it will ruin your nails.

-       Use a good cuticle oil around your nails.

-       To remove the gels soak cotton pads in nail polish remover and wrap them in aluminum foil.  The remover is activated by the foil and it acts quicker than if you don’t.

-       Press down using the cotton pads when they have been soaked, and gently pull the gels off.

-       If you can’t find the colour you like as a Gel polish, you can just apply the base coat and then use a normal polish on top.  Wait a 6 hours + (I like to wait a day in between) and apply a top coat to cap the polish.

-       If you run out of the gel cleanser, plain rubbing alcohol works instead and is a lot cheaper and easier to buy. And if you run out of the lint cloths then using an old t-shirt (preferably low lint) or a dish towel (cloth like) works.



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