Hi folks! So, now we all know. It’s out there. Fat was never the big killer we thought it was. In fact it turns out that fat is good for us in whatever amount we get it. Especially for our brains which can consist of up to 60% fat. The more fat you eat the healthier your brain will be! Winner! Bring on the butter, cheese and bacon. However, before you get all excited and think you can go out and eat whatever you want without a second thought for your health, it turns out that carbs, especially sugar, are the enemy. Big time! The damage that sugar does to our bodies is insane. Not only does it make us fat (if we don’t use the energy it provides us with immediately the body converts it to fat), but it also induces the onset of diabetes, which for many is a killer. So what are we to do? Well, best case scenario, give up sugar completely. I could do this absolutely no problem. I’m not overly fussed by sweet food, and there are plenty of alternatives to other foods high in carbs such as bread and potatoes. My downfall comes down to beer. I love beer. Very much. And beer is full of carbs in the form of sugar. There are low carb and low alcohol beers that are about half of the calories of normal pint of beer, but it’s still not ideal. Unfortunately, water just doesn’t cut the mustard after a hard day at the office. What are your thoughts on the issue? Be sure to let me know by dropping me a line at the usual address. By for now folks!