Whilst travelling it can be hard to decide how much make up to bring with you and what type. Even the biggest minimalist can find that a few bits of make up can really change how you look and feel. However, it is a great idea to minimize your make up bag and cut down on the products and types of products you bring with you.


Cheap brands

Rather than bringing along your full sized expensive brands of makeup, it is a great idea to try out drugstore and cheaper brands.  If you find that you really can’t live without our favourite top end brands, then keep an eye out for travel sized versions of your favourite brand.  I personally can’t travel without my Benefit They’re Real mascara and invest in the travel sized version every time I head out on a longer trip.



If you’re headed somewhere hot or near water then keep an eye out for waterproof and sweatproof versions of your favourite products.  Waterproof mascara can keep you from having Raccoon eyes and swapping foundation for a BB cream can leave your skin able to breath whilst giving you a decent coverage.

Waterproof Makeup



Some of my favourite travel beauty products have many uses.  Benefit’s Benetint is a great example of this and can be used as a lip product, cheeks or even an eye colour if you’re feeling like really pushing the boat out.   



Depotting your make up into smaller containers can be a great way to bring your favourite products without having to lug around full sized products. This is great for both short and long term travel.  Long term travel you can keep topping up smaller containers.