Hey guys its Tony here again! How are we all doing?! So a lot has happened since my last article that I really want to talk to you guys about. In my last article I mentioned that I had a fitness hobby and was looking to purchase a running machine. Well since then things have really escalated and what was once a hobby is now turning into a job prospect. Basically, over the last few months I have brought a few pieces of gym equipment and several of my friends have been coming by to use the space. We all play for the local rugby team but most of us live out in the country so the nearest gym is a few miles drive away. Anyway, I got to thinking that if I could create a bigger space with better equipment then maybe we could use it to train in and just maybe my teammates would be willing to pay. So I suggested this idea to my coach and also to a few of the team and they all seemed really struck on the idea. My team mates said that they also knew plenty of friends and family in the area that would also be keen to use the space.

Finding a space:

So the next step was trying to think of a space to use for the gym, up until now I had just been using the spare room as its quite big and isn’t used for anything else. I live with my parents you see but we have quite a big house so I have a lot of space to myself. Anyway, if I was serious about the project then I definitely needed a much bigger space that was away from the house. So I got talking to my Dad and he kindly offered to give up his shed in the garden. He only really uses it for storage so he agreed that if I helped him clear it all out then I could use the space to create a gym. My Dad actually things it’s a great idea as he knows himself that there aren’t any training or gym facilities in the area. When I say shed it is a lot bigger than your average garden shed, not quite as big as a barn but plenty big enough for what I would need. There is also space outside the shed that doesn’t get used that could be turned into an area for sprinting or for some rugby practice.

Turning a shed into a gym!

The first stage of the project was making the building itself look like a space you would want to work out in. We decided to paint the outside black so it stands out. My last name is Black so we have called the building Blacks Gym and painted it in white on the side of shed. It really does look pretty cool if I do say so myself! Inside we painted it white to make the area feel cool and light. We have a small reception area at the back of the gym with a walk way through the middle. In regards to gym equipment we are still in the process of buying everything. Initially I was buying a lot of my stuff from http://www.mcsport.ie/ as they are very reliable and will send someone to come and service the machine free of charge if there is any problem. So far I brought a running machine, rowing machine, a punch bag, boxing equipment, as well as dumbbells and weight lifting bars. I must admit the gym is really coming along! We have managed to install a small toilet with a shower and two small changing cubicles which make the space a lot more appealing, to women in particular.  I mean generally it is going to be a space for male sports teams and a lot of friends of friends who all tend to be men too. But I have had a lot of my friends girlfriends saying they would also be interested so I was thinking so that I don’t just restrict myself to one set of clientele that I could advertise one day a week where only women are allowed so that they feel more comfortable coming along. With this in mind I am now on the lookout for a few other pieces of gym equipment that would particularly appeal to women users. I asked a few of women in my family and a few friends what they would look for if they came to my gym and one of the things was a toilet and changing area. Well I have ticked that one off the list so the next point would be what equipment they use. Generally they said they would use cardio as opposed to weights although investing in a few lighter dumbbells, a couple of medicine balls and some kettle bells would definitely be of use.

Buying a cross trainer:

So in regards to cardio the one thing they mentioned that I do not have in my gym is a cross trainer. These came out as the most popular choice amongst the women I spoke to as they are such good all round machines that work both the upper and lower body. Realising that my funds for this project were slowly depleting I needed to find a site with a cross trainer for sale but at a much lower price than on the site I normally use.  I did find one site which had a cross trainer for sale in good condition and at a reasonable cost but I would like to know your guys input on this one. Do you have any experiencing buying similar items and where did you buy them from? Thanks!